What is SQL injection ?
SQL stands for Structured Query Language.SQL is used to design the databses. The information is stored in databses. SQL injection is the vulnerability occuring in database layer of application which allow attacker to see the contents stored in database. This vulnerabilty occures when the user's input is not filtered or improperly filtered.

The main goal of attacker is use to access the information stored in website's database. It can be done manually, read more here. In this tutorial, I am using to do the same thing easily using a tool.

Read the disclaimer first before proceeding. I remind you again that its only for educational purposes.

Requirement: Download the tool from here.  Its SqliHelperV.2.1.

Steps of attack :-

Vulnerable Website > Database > Tables > Columns > Data

 Search for any vulnerable website using Google Dorks. I found this website
I came to know its vulnerable because when I attached a single quote at the end, it didn't filter it and returned me with an error.


Step 1.  Run the tool and there is no need of any installation. Input the vulnerable URL and click on 'Inject'


Step 2 : After processing is done. Click on "Get Database".It would then show the databases

Step 3:  Select any database other than "Information_schema" and Click on "Get tables". It would start fetching all tables. Have some patience. In most of the cases there is a table like admin or login or users etc.

Step 4: Select any Table and click on "Get Columns".

Step 5: Select the column and click on "Dump Now" . A new pop up window would open showing you the data stored in it.

So You came to know that how deadly it could be to allow users to send their input without any filteration/validation. So never be lazy at programming and use possible filteration mechanisms. 


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  1. Very nice ANEESH

  2. Can you please post how to do this in Linux OS?

  3. I tried to do the manual version but the tartanarmy.com is not working..please update it...

  4. @anonymous
    Thanks for your feedback.
    @ Muralimohan.A.R
    You need a tool like this for linux ? I would try to write on same.
    Yeah that website is no longer working or is down. Try doing manually on this website following steps mentioned in previous tutorial. I am here to help you.

  5. Not Opeening Showing Error

  6. can u teach more on how to get the vulnerability of a website...
    n how to use the google dork effectively???
    i dont know what to type on the serach box even u have explain it..

  7. For mysql injection, we need to search websites which contain
    something.php?something= in URL.

    I used the google dork, inurl:news.php?id= , it returned me with only that websites which contains news.php?id= in the URL.

    You could use like inurl:index.php?id=, inurl:item.php?id= and many more.

  8. good job anish ... keep it up ...

  9. thanx yr ashwini :)

  10. hey that tool is not opening and showing an error. can u tell any other good tool

  11. yeah bro......the tool is not rum in windows 7!! its give an error...

  12. Bro its not a SQL Healer, Its your trojan to hack our PCs.....!!!

  13. hey this is not a trojan or any kind of harmful thing for the operatot.
    but if it is not working theres an other tool called "havij".
    it works same but littlebit slow

  14. Trojan detected: Zlob.KH

  15. how can i contact you aneesh??

  16. i think it is very lazy to use sql injection..It is better to understand sql than using a ready made application.Try it manually.Aneesh can explain that.

  17. LOL..! simply turn off ur antivirus, then run it..
    how to make that site totally defaced..?
    can we use this tool?


  18. @muralimohan: Try sqlmap which is a command line tool for the same.
    @md duan: Running any files by turning off AV is not a good idea. You might be infected with trojans/bots.

  19. what if its a .aspx page can sql injection be performed on .aspx pages?

  20. guy, its a focking virus!

  21. and the tool shit isnt working.. and he is sending a virus *******

  22. Yaar try tool HAVIJ instead the tool mentioned in article. Find out by googling it.

  23. better is to perform each step without any tool.....like finding table columns database by injecting code in the url, this will explain the real concept behind it.....:)



  26. Can i Execute SQL injection @ www.tartanarmy.com.,,

  27. It works fine, but what about simple .php ? without id ?

  28. virus found

  29. How to do this on Mac OS X 10.6.8?please respond to me on email: thehackztaZa@hotmail.com

  30. u r hacking others computer too............

  31. how about .aspx page? can we inject sql into .aspx page ?

  32. sqlmap for open source tools hacking sql injection

  33. link broken.

  34. any updates?

  35. im getting error ,, it is showing me could not get no collums for unkown reason,if you entered a 'true keyword' and nothing, get the columns manually.

    help please

  36. IT IS A TROJAN!!

  37. add me skype kyran.cornyn and help me?

  38. tool is running in win 7 dude..

  39. I have avast and i can't get the program because it says it's a virus! PLZZZZ help me! I want it! :)

  40. already binded with trojan lolzzz bee original

  41. can you plz post this in manual sql injection..please reply on my email

  42. http://securitybasics.wordpress.com/

    go through this for manual SQLI

  43. can some one help me solve the "There is no input to inject...." problem?

  44. Check out this site

  45. sd

  46. Havij is d bst .... dont try any other

  47. great work,bro!!! Check this out for Miscellanious article on hacking & hackeing news!!

  48. SQLi.rar.exe
    Nice try

  49. Haviji is an exploitation tool which is used by all type of hackers. Tou should consider Google as your father and YouTube as your mother. It will become you pro hacker. Search for SQL INJECTION TUTORIAL

    A pro hacker from xxxHackEvilsxxx

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  51. <a href="http://www.cmdcorner.blogspot.com>not working</a>

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