Remote Keylogger - configure and use

Keyloggers are the best to spy upon anyone but many beginners find problem in using remote keyloggers . So in this post , I will be showing you the same.Remote keyloggers are very easy to use in comparison to trojans where the concepts like IP addresses, port forwarding are involved.  I highly recommend you to read the basics of keyloggers here

Requirements :-
1. Download a free remote keylogger 'Ardamax' with its serial key here. Antivrus might detect it as a virus but dont worry.

2. Signup at any webhosting site supporting FTP (file transfer protocol) and note down your ftp host name. 
For example , I have signed up at and ftp host name is . 

We are actually gonna create an executable(exe) file, which would be given to victim and he is supposed to run it. The keylogger would be installed on his computer and we would be getting automatically keylogs/screenshots in our web hosting site ftp account

I have added the self-explanatory pictures, follow them.

After entering registration key, click on Remote Installation
option . If it still says that its  unregistered version, restart computer.

Keylogger would run invisibly on victim's computer. Victim have would have to
press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+H and enter the password you have set to make it visible.

FTP hostname may be different for different web hosting sites. Mostly it is . You can specify any remote folder in which you wish to get logs. After filling all details, click on 'Test' and you would get any test file to make sure that  information you filled is valid and FTP connection is okay.

 You can change icon of exe file (keylogger engine) if you wish
 Just go through the Summary information and click finish.

So you have got an exe file which is detectable as a virus by antiviruses. Now use social engineering to make victim to click on this exe file and hopefully you would start getting the keylogs and screenshots in your account. You cant send it as an attachment in email ID. The good way is to uplaod it on any uploading site and give him the dowloading link.

Have fun :)


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  1. Is there any keylogger like this for linux? because i use ubuntu OS.please specify one.
    if possible, please post some ubuntu hacks.

  2. yes there are keyloggers like lkl,pykeylogger etc . We would post regarding linux soon.

  3. could we change the webhosting into our own web server like xampp??
    if could then could u show me???

  4. Are you asking that, could we use our own server like xampp instead of webhosting site ??

    Yes sure we can. xampp has the 'ftp server software' called as Filezilla, configure it as per your need and you can use it. Its easy.

  5. Hay friend u have said here that u have to press these keys Ctrl+Shift+Alt+H and if i select none of keys then will it send me logs to the ftP.

  6. Keylogger would run in hidden mode on victim's machine. He could unhide it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Alt+H and then giving the password. I guess, you cant leave this option 'blank'.

  7. the registration key doesnt work

  8. Kindly try again and let me know. its working.

  9. Hi

    The file which is sent to victim's computer will be corrupted by Antivirus?

  10. Hii.........

    hey u know any other ftp site..??

  11. hi if any keylogger which doesnt detect by antivirus ??????/ please post

  12. hi........
    please help me yaar..which link we send to victim?

  13. hy admin keyloger serial key is not working

  14. hy admin plzz help me

  15. when i installed keylogger in a internet cafe,it disable after shutdown.I think,deep freez is disabling the can i overcome this..

  16. I'm not able to register on my3gb account. In step 2 of registration it says to enter
    "Add a valid domain name(.com, etc). After adding this domain both the domain and previous subdomain will operate on your account.
    Domains must be registered through an external registrar.
    Maximum of 255 characters."
    I don't know what i have to enter in this. Please help me.

  17. can i create another .exe with remote installation?? if so it is not happening for me. once check it out and tell me

  18. If registration key is not working download v3.0 from
    For those using win7 run in compartibility mode.

  19. i cant download keylogger softwar it says file is damaged or not supported.

  20. master please tell me how to send this and how to open the keyloggs of my victims.. = )

  21. sir password is not working, pls help me

  22. the key registration n password for the file is valid...
    i can using it...n use social engineering to make the victim execute the file...
    but i have problem here...
    the log that are sent to my ftp server is not full compared to the one that are installed in my computer...
    can u tell me how to capture full keystork of the victim...
    i have try it by sending the log every 1 minutes...
    n is it possible if im disable chat logging,webstroke n others..
    just enable the keystroke???
    it is possible...

  23. Name: Kimberley Ronald
    Serial: RGA3Y3A-M3D88-T3HU5-T28TM-G47AS-SFTD7-624JC
    New username and password
    hope this helps

  24. After installing Ardamax just doesn't react at anything. And when I try to turn it on I got a table where it says missing a path of file.

  25. while you were making this program you didnt happen to slip your own file in the download of the file did you?

  26. my ftp connection is terminated ..... how to enable this???

  27. is the attacker in danger???

  28. Username & Password please Thanks.

  29. Try this One Guys: Name: nOT! [REVENGE] S/N: 4EBB-E1A4-16AF-C1E4-5E53-EA81-AC52-5DEB.

    Haven't tested yet i'll get back to it when am done ^_~


  30. whats an ftp ?

  31. Hey, admin, I'm using mac os 10.7, Lion. cant use Ardamax in that. Is there any alternate for this awesome software for mac user which can work like Ardamax. Reply ASAP.

  32. i am stuck in my ftp host testing and i dont know what to write in remote folder section . please help me to proceed
    is there any way that i can attach this program to a self spreading software which will help infecting any flash stick used on the computer ?

  33. Uhm small problem...

    I activated my own keylogger..
    So it turns out, im being keylogged... by myself?

    Oh God.

  34. Hi
    I have installed your aradamax keylogger but it is not supporting icons so i cannot change the icon of my server Also i have made an account in but unable to upload the server confuse where to upload it and also don't know how to publish my site kindly please help

  35. hey dude i did all what you said but finally didnt find the install.exe in the path specified !! plss help me...

  36. Key not working.....

  37. Key is not working anymore. please help

  38. Key is not working

  39. what is "FTL Hoat" ??

  40. what is "FTL host" ??

  41. what is 'FTL' host ???

  42. i got key logs to my ftp server, but unable to open them ?? please help me in this regard, i tried view logs but it does detect the files

  43. Hey Sir Aneesh,
    i have done the things and it gave a .exe so now i need little help making this .exe undetectable I Need to make this UD can u help me out!
    if you can contact me via email its or can u assist me will appreciate it kindly mail or pls write here thanks a ton.
    take care bye..

  44. Hey Aneesh!
    I have done the things and i got a .exe now i have a big question that is to make this .exe undetectable, if u have any personal binders that is 100 % UD or atleast 99% that can make my .exe UD pls mail me or write to me thank you sir..

  45. Bro whenever you have given a link to download, it always takes us to a page to download something else. Do you have a direct link to get the file please???

  46. Hey my antivirus crashed after running the file!How do I undo it?

  47. can i get any link to a keylogger that is not detected by antivirus....
    thanks in advance..:-)

  48. how to remove this program from my computer

  49. How to make proxy setting in remote keylogger when vicitm using proxy server?

  50. hey ppl i can help you with this tool add me iwll teach you facebook/bigwa0

  51. The pictures aren't showing up for me!

  52. all righty nooby question here, why are there a bunch of triangles in place of the pictures?

  53. wtf i cant see the pictures just triangles with ! in them

  54. iam unable to download these key loggers here...wat 2 do..???

  55. iam unable 2 download key logger present over here....wat 2 do n how 2 download it..??

  56. why cant i see pictures

  57. please contact me I am stucked badly i want to crack passpord of an gmail id.

  58. Really dude?....come on..

  59. i have done every thing needed but when i send the link to the other.and when they download the file the antivirus removes the file ,why,and what to do.

    please email me at plz sir

  60. Fake serial Key

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