The Onion Routing - highly anonymous

We all many times use proxies for staying anonymous on internet.

 Lets quickly check out , what we are actually doing while using proxies. We first connect to a proxy server which brings resources requested by us from the web server.
Thus a proxy server hides our identity  by acting as an intermediary between us and the web server that we are accessing. You might want to read detailed post on proxies here.
Suppose we break into a server using a proxy server thinking that we are anonymous. But what if owner
of web server  starts enquiring about the clients connecting to it using the proxy server  and it is possible that owners of proxy server might   reveal our identity. This means we cant actually rely on proxy servers for being anonymous online. Here comes the concept of THE ONION ROUTING (TOR) into picture. By using this , the client traffic is supposed to be passed from three different servers or nodes before reaching to actual web server. It may randomly take any path through any three nodes. 

Lets consider it has taken path shown by green arrows. Now

* Node 1 knows only actual origin(client) but not actual destinantion(web server).
*Node 5 neither knows actual origin nor actual destinantion.
*Node 9 knows actual destination but not actual origin.

Thus no one exactly knows which client is accessing which web server. So it is highly anonymous.

Installing and Using TOR.

Step 1. Download the TOR client from here and run the setup .

Note: You need to install a Mozilla firefox add on which is included in package you have downloaded to use Tor.

Step 2. Open the 'Vidalia Control Panel' from the task bar and Click on 'Start Tor'.
Step3. Now open Mozilla Firefox browser, single click on red highlighted 'Tor Disabled' on right corner of browser and it will turn to green highlighted 'Tor Enabled'.

Now just log on to '' and you will see your new public IP address that will keep changing after an interval of time according to the path randomly taken by web traffic through three different nodes.


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  1. Awesome, works terrific. So no one will be able to trace my location ?
    And are there any drawbacks of TOR ? Or is normal proxy better then TOR in any way ?

  2. There seems to be a problem, when i use the Vidalia Tor, i click on links and they do not work. Refreshing pages is also not possible. I have to disable tor to do any login or link selection!

  3. Actually TOR slows down the speed and cause the connectivity problems. Normal proxies are okay if you are not so much concerned about you are anonymity online. And some studies say that even TOR is tracable.

  4. There is nothing like 100% anonymity....our ip is logged somewhere or the other...whether its a proxy server or a vpn...or whatever...
    the only thing we can do is confuse the hunter....
    i am developing a way to get 80% anonymity by using a third party victim in between...

    its just a theory now...will inform you guys ,, when im done with it....

  5. TOR is the best, i use it, love it

  6. is there TOR work in linux ??

  7. You are the best hacker and your's is the best website .

  8. Thang 4 da tutorials they help mr so much can Ivey your email may Ivan invite u 4 our security talks in ma country. Thanx

  9. Yeah tor is cool but refused 2 uninstall 4ma win machine

  10. bla bla bla bla black sheeeeeeeep .................sheeeeeeeeeep

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